Fundación Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón

Foundational Aims
1. Collaboration

Encourage collaboration as an instrument for the transfer of knowledge and technology between the University and companies.

2. Financing

Encourage and support the fundraising of national and international research programs, as well as search for partners to collaborate in them.

3. People

Develop an active policy of attracting human resources dedicated to R + D + i in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, which facilitates the incorporation of internationally competitive and highly competitive researchers.

4. Synergies

Establish scientific and academic collaborations with other national and international public and private entities in the areas of their activity.

5. Disclosure

Promote platforms for interdisciplinary and intersectoral encounter, analysis and debate with the intervention of the scientific, technological and business communities and carry out intermediation actions that facilitate synergy between them.

6. Development

Design, develop and manage projects, units and research and innovation centers and channel material resources, giving administrative support to the selection procedures of professionals and contracting or acquisition of goods or equipment that are granted to research and innovation projects whose management is entrusted to them.

7. Future

Any other purposes that the Foundation agrees, that improve or improve its basic and fundamental action to provide researchers with adequate infrastructures and bring Science closer to the public.

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